growth and change (are inevitable)

growth and change are simultaneously the scariest and the most exciting things to happen to you. and it is completely and utterly inevitable.

the idea of changing who i am (i.e. growth) makes me feel like a hypocrite because i spend some much time investing in my identity that when i change and i grow out of it, i feel bad. one of the biggest things that changed about me is definitely my style. i used to not really care about what i looked like and i just re-used old outfits everyday. now, i honestly do care about how i dress and i have recently began cultivating my own style (a journey i plan on taking all of you on). another thing was that back then, i used to look at photography (especially photos of myself) as something that was pointless and vain. now, i truly enjoy photography and i’m thinking of taking part in the ‘100 days challenge’ where i try and post a picture on instagram every single day for 100 days.

i could go on and on and on about how i’ve changed but then we’ll be here for years. and by the time i finish, i would have changed so much during that time that i’d have to continue for even longer. this is because not only is change and growth inevitable, but it’s also constant.

so accept it and move on. embrace all of the new you’s. as long as it’s growth and not a step back, keep going.

hello internet (again)

hello (again). back in 2016 i started my first blog, which is now very much dead. “why?”, you may ask. it died because i grew out of the content that i published. it was mainly about fandoms (as the name of my old blog suggested) and being ‘quirky’.

thank God i’m past that phase now.

moving past that, i started this blog to help me track my journey as a human person. i will mainly post things about style, school, mental health and other fun things (note the underlying sarcasm). i also might post some of my written works (because i do quite enjoy writing).

some of you might also be wondering why i named this blog ‘the growth of a neutral evil try-hard’. well it’s simple. as i mentioned above, this blog will track my growth and journey. that, and because i do identify as a neutral evil try-hard. i am dr. doofenshmirtz (circa. phineas and ferb). i also am i general try-hard and potential love child of the e-girl and vsco girl trends.

if this sounds like you cup of milk diluted tea, feel free to follow me on wordpress and on instagram. this introduction page will also be in constant change as i’m still growing and changing, so this page will change along with it.